Ringed planet

Aarnic, seen from space.

Aarnic is a ringed planet, located in a star system far from Earth (perhaps even in another galaxy) that was visited by Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster in 2008.

Aarnic is home to a colony of humans, all victims of the Bermuda Triangle. Said colony goes back centuries.


From 2000 to 100 B.C. the Iyya, the native inhabitants of Aarnic, came to Earth to exchange knowledge with the ancient civilizations of the time.

The Iyya used their advanced technology to opens gateways from Aarnic to Earth to travel between the two worlds. They left behind legends of lost civilizations and beings from the stars in the ancient cultures of Earth.

At some point, the Iyya transcend their mortal existence and left Aarnic, but the living city they left behind still wished to exchange knowledge with others. Occasionally, it would open gateways to Earth (and possibly other worlds) in order that others could come to Aarnic.

The Bermuda Triangle

Flight 19

The Lost Squadron: Flight 19

This gave rise to such legends as the Bermuda Triangle, as the area of the Atlantic was one of the points where a gateway occasionally opened. Over the centuries many ships and planes would pass through the gateway to Aarnic and thus vanish from the face of the Earth.

One of the most famous incidents of this was the 1945 incident in which five avenger planes took off from their base in Florida and vanished into the Bermuda Triangle.

The five planes, known as Flight 19, under the command of Charles Taylor, were never seen or heard from again, and they became the most famous Bermuda Triangle disappearance.

In reality, the five planes passed through the Iyya gateway and ended up on Aarnic. The pilots joined the human community there, made up of those who have passed through the gateway, and their descendants, over the centuries.

Rex and Hannah visit Aarnic

While vacationing in Bermuda in 2008, Rex and Hannah, and the boat they were renting, were sucked through the Iyya portal and ended up on Aarnic. There they met a colony of humans, descended from those that had disappeared through the portal over the centuries. Leading the colony is the aged Charles Taylor, the last survivor of Flight 19. Taylor informed Rex and Hannah that there was no way back to Earth.

However, another colonist told Rex and Hannah that Taylor was lying. When they confronted Taylor about this, Taylor admitted that there was a way back. He didn't want to reveal it, fearing that if Earth found out about the peaceful world the colonists had built, they might find a way to come there and ruin it.

After having received a promise from Rex and Hannah never to reveal to Earth what they saw on Aarnic, Taylor directed them to the ancient Iyya city. There Rex learned all about the Iyya and how to work the portal to return to Earth. He decided to show Taylor and the others this technology, in case they might change their minds one day about going home.

Upon their return to Earth, Rex and Hannah kept the promise they made not to reveal the existence of Aarnic to the people of Earth.


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