General Information

At this time, not much is known about the Angels Of Destiny. They remain perhaps the most mysterious beings in the world of magic.

However, it seems that all magical beings, including the Angel Of Death, the White Lighter Elders and the Avatars, ultimately defer to the Angels Of Destiny, although this data is inconclusive. All that is known is that the Angels seem to have a great deal of influence in all things magical.

First contact

Angel of Destiny 1

The first Angel Of Destiny circa 2002.

The first known contact with an Angel Of Destiny took place in 2002, when the Charmed Ones, with their newly discovered half-sister, Paige Matthews, finally defeated the Source and the leadership of the Underworld.

At that point, one of the Angels, who appeared to be a middle aged Caucasian male, appeared and offered the sisters a one time offer. Since they had defeated the Source, the Angel said that they could have a chance for a normal life. They powers would be removed, and the Halliwell sisters would no longer be bothered by the forces of either Good or Evil. The Book Of Shadows would ultimately be passed on to a future generation (although the Angel never specified which generation it would be).

After mulling it over, and having another adventure along the way, the sisters decided to pass on the offer and keep their powers.

Second contact

Angel Of Destiny 2

The second Angel Of Destiny circa 2006.

In 2005, Piper Halliwell was alarmed that the Angel Of Death seemed to be targeting her husband, Leo Wyatt. After having exhausted all other magical means to save Leo, Piper and her sisters decided to summon the Angel Of Destiny and ask just why Leo was being targeted.

Much to the surprise of the sisters, another Angel, this one appearing to be a middle aged African-American female, appeared. She explained that the reason Leo was being targeted is because there was a battle in the sister's future, and that losing Leo might motivate them to fight. Soon, a bargain was struck. Should the sisters fight and win the battle, Leo would be returned to them.

In the end, in 2006, the sisters did win the battle and, as promised, the Angel returned Leo to his family.

This same Angel would preside over the wedding of Phoebe Halliwell to Coop, some time later.

Rex, Hannah, and Kira get their souls back

It would be this second Angel Of Destiny that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster would have contact with.

In 2008, the Charmed Ones had discovered that Rex and Hannah were back in San Francisco. Rex and Hannah revealed that they had turned their backs on evil and told the Halliwell sisters about the Warlock Insurgency. In the end, the sisters were convinced that Rex and Hannah were indeed sincere. Rex then revealed his collection of magical books and scrolls, which included the Grimoire. It was then that Phoebe Halliwell hit on the idea of using the Grimoire to rescue Kira the Seer from the Demonic Wasteland. With Rex’s help, the spell was cast and Kira was indeed liberated from the Wasteland and reunited with her human friends.

At that point, the second Angel Of Destiny appeared and offered to return Kira’s soul. Kira agreed, and her humanity was restored. She would now age normally and be vulnerable to injuries and illnesses, like all humans.

Later, that same evening, the Angel returned and made Rex and Hannah the same offer, the return of their respective souls. Rex and Hannah agreed and their souls were returned. Although they retained their respective powers, they, like Kira, were now human. They would age normally and be vulnerable to illness and injuries like any other human.

Cole Turner

What no one knew at the time, was that when Cole Turner was vanquished in 2003, the second Angel Of Destiny arranged for him to be sent into the cosmic void between life and death. There he would remain until the Council Of Angels (which is assumed to be be made up of the other Angels Of Destiny) decided his case and to return his soul or not.

In 2009, the Angel released Cole from the void and remanded him into the custody of Rex and Hannah. She explained that the Council would soon reach a decision on whether Cole's soul would be returned or not. In the end, the Council ruled in Cole's favour and his soul was returned. Like Rex, Hannah, and Kira, he would now age normally.

A few days later, the Angel was watching as Cole and Kira the Seer met in a Cafe and starting chatting. The Angel then proclaimed that a new magical union had begun. As it turned out, the Angel was correct in that Cole and Kira fell in love and are now engaged.


Since then, Rex and Hannah have had no further contact with the Angel Of Destiny.


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