Buckland Auction House was a business that used to exist in San Francisco, California.

It was here that the lives of Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster would converge with those of the Charmed Ones.

Rex and Hannah take over the Auction House

In August of 1998 the Source assigned the two Warlocks, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, to seek out the Charmed Ones, confirm their identities, and acquire their powers. To do this, Rex and Hannah used fake documentation to take control of Buckland Auction House to establish their cover (replacing the two people who had the misfortune of having the same names as the two Warlocks, said people had been murdered by the Source's assassin, Shax).
Wicca Envy

Rex and Hannah in charge.

It was not long after that Rex, having learned that Prue Halliwell had quit her previous job, called her and offered her a job at Buckland Auction House. This was, of course, a ruse to keep Prue, and her sisters, under observation.

It was at Buckland Auction House that Rex and Hannah would often discuss their plans to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones (where Rex and Hannah actually lived at this point is unknown).

This culminated in the scheme involving framing Prue Halliwell for stealing the Romanov Tiara and murdering Jaime Lopez, a security guard who worked at Buckland's.

When that mission ended in failure, the Source recalled Rex and Hannah to the Underworld.


Claire Pryce

Rex's successor, Claire Pryce.

Since Rex and Hannah's primary mission was to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones, they paid little attention to the actual running of the Auction House. After the Source recalled them, it was revealed that the Auction House was hovering on the brink of bankruptcy.

To try and save the business, the back assigned a woman named Claire Pryce to run the Auction House.

Despite some friction between them, Claire and Prue Halliwell managed to establish a good working relationship. Unfortunately, it was not to last, the bank reassigned Claire to another business, several months later.

In 2000, Prue Halliwell herself left Buckland Auction House, due to ethical issues that the then current management was forcing her to deal with.

Bankruptcy and demolition

Despite changing hands several times over the next several years, Buckland Auction House went bankrupt in 2004. The building was then torn down.

It is debatable whether Rex and Hannah were in any way responsible for the bankruptcy. They had, by this time, been gone from the Auction House for six years.

The records from the Auction House were kept and moved to a warehouse in Sausalito.

At some point, following their return to San Francisco, in 2008, Rex and Hannah became aware of the fate of the Auction House.

The Iron Cross of the U-28

Iron Cross-0

In 1987 American business man named Arthur Wilson removed the Iron Cross from the wreckage of the U-28, which had been sunk on October 31st, 1915. Unknown to all, the removal of the Iron Cross from the wreckage awakened the spirits of Captain Heinrich Kruger and his crew, who were determined to recover it.

When Arthur Wilson died in 1998, his heir consigned the Iron Cross to Buckland Auction House. Hannah was the one that handled the Iron Cross. The Iron Cross was eventually purchased by a man named Jeffery Milner.

In 2013, the ghosts of Captain Kruger and his crew arrived in San Francisco, looking for the Iron Cross. Rex and Hannah travelled to the warehouse in Sausalito, where they located the record of the auction in which the Iron Cross had been sold to Jeffery Milner. This ultimately led Rex and Hannah successfully recovering the Iron Cross and returning it to Captain Kruger and his crew.


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