General Information

The town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts, is a seaside town which is located just a few miles away from Arkham.

Innsmouth has a history even more strange than the one of Arkham. However, many in the town of Innsmouth today are reluctant to talk about their towns bizarre history.

Obed Marsh and the Deep Ones

In the 1840's, Captain Obed Marsh, a sea captain who lived in Innsmouth, made contact with the Deep Ones, an underwater branch of the Mi-go, who had left their Australian Outback outpost thousands of years before. Marsh had been sailing in the South Pacific when this contact occurred. Marsh managed to establish a dialogue with the Deep Ones.

When Innsmouth fell on hard times, Marsh and some followers managed to call up the Deep Ones and summoned them to Innsmouth. The Deep Ones settled at the bottom of the sea, at Devil Reef, just offshore from Innsmouth. This did cause an increase in the town’s wealth, as more fish were caught, which allowed for more profits. However, this miracle came with a price. The Deep One began demanding human women to mate with. The inhabitants of Innsmouth initially resisted. The Deep Ones then attacked the town and slaughtered more than half its population. The survivors were left with no choice but to comply with the demands of the Deep Ones and provided them with human women to mate with. The Innsmouth hybrids, as they came to be called, began to be born.

Obed Marsh then founded The Esoteric Order Of Dagon, named after one the Old Ones, which would control the town for decades to come. The ultimate aim of the Order would be to bring back the Old Ones.

The Inner Circle acts

In the late 1920's the Inner Circle discovered the activities of The Esoteric Order Of Dagon in Innsmouth. They dispatched one of their members, Robert Olmstead, to Innsmouth, to confirm their suspicions. When Olmstead discovered just what The Esoteric Order Of Dagon had been up to, the Circle used its influence in the U.S. Government to organize a raid on Innsmouth. In said raid, many buildings were blown up (including the Order's headquarters), and the U.S. Navy fired torpedoes at Devil Reef, where the Deep Ones had been living for decades. It is not known if the Deep Ones survived that attack, although it was possible that they simply relocated elsewhere, beneath the seas.

The Innsmouth hybrids were arrested, but were treated humanely. For their own protection they were subsequently sequestered from the rest of humanity for the rest of their lives.

Following the raid, Robert Olmstead wrote a account about this incident. After his death, decades later, the report ended up in the sealed records room of Miskatonic University.

Innsmouth reborn

After the Government raid, Innsmouth was virtually abandoned. However, in the years following World War II, new people began moving in and the town gradually rebuilt itself. Over time, Innsmouth became a thriving town again.

Rex and Hannah visit Innsmouth

In 2015, in their new house, near Arkham, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster had been piecing together information about the Inner Circle. They had came to realize that perhaps this group had been thwarting attempts in the past to bring back the Old Ones.

Soon after, Hannah broke into the room where the sealed records of Miskatonic University were kept. She had been requesting access to this room for some time, but had always been rebuffed. Spurred on by the discovery of the existence of the Inner Circle, Hannah decided to take matters into her own hands. In no time, she stumbled onto Robert Olmstead’s account of the Innsmouth incident.  Hannah then took digital photos of said account.

When Hannah returned home, she showed Rex the photos she took of Olmstead’s account. The two former Warlocks then travelled to Innsmouth to find out more about the incident. During that visit, they SCUBA dived down off Devil Reef and discovered the ruins of the settlement of the Deep Ones. Hannah also discovered a statue of Dagon among those ruins.

Returning to Arkham, Rex and Hannah pondered the Innsmouth incident and wondered if the Inner Circle had been involved.  It was at that point that Randolph Carter arrived and revealed to the two former Warlocks that, yes, the Inner Circle had been involved. This led to him asking Rex and Hannah if they themselves wanted to join the Circle.

As for Innsmouth, it continues its day to day life.  It is most likely that most of the current inhabitants are completely unaware of the strange history of their town.


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