BIRTH NAME:  Johanna Martense

DOB:  Unknown.

HAIR: Grey.

EYES: One blue, one brown.

OCCUPATION: Follower of the Old Ones.

DESIGNATION: Human mutant.


KNOWN RELATIVES: Martense mutants (deceased).

Johanna survives

Continued from Martense family page.

However, Johanna alone had survived Rex and Hannah's attempt to wipe out her degenerate family and vowed to keep trying to find a way to free the Old Ones. She then formed an alliance with the ghost of Herbert West (after using a spell from her destroyed copy of De Vermis Mysteriis to make him corporal) to achieve that goal.

Freeing of Hastur

In 2017, Johanna and West travelled to a South Pacific island, that Johanna had raised using her magic. This island contained the Old One called Hastur, who was resting in a state of suspended animation. Johanna and West had learned the location of the island, and the secret it held, from the Mi-go in the Himalayas.

Despite the presence of Rex, Hannah, and Randolph Carter, Johanna and West managed to transport Hastur away from the island and succeeded in awakening him.

Thus their goal of freeing the Old Ones was one step closer.

Matthew Tate scheme

Not long after, Hastur, West and Johanna managed to capture a Demon named Zathan, in order to get information on Rex and Hannah. Zathan told them about the time that he, under the orders of the Source, had brought Melinda Warren's locket, containing Matthew Tate, to Rex and Hannah in 1998, and the subsequent events.

Intrigued, Hastur sent West and Johanna to steal the locket from the Witchcraft Museum, in Salem, and bring it back to him. After Hastur had used his power to discover a descendant of Melinda Warren, that no one else knew about, he sent West to her and was able to procure Matthew's release. The plan being to use Matthew to distract Rex and Hannah.

After that, Johanna played no direct role in the actual scheme and was not present when Matthew, having learned the truth about Hastur, confronted him, and was driven insane.


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