Another Earth in another space/time continuum.

The history of the parallel space/time continuum is hard to pin down, since much is still shrouded in mystery.

What is known is that, in this world, the Great Depression was far worse than it had been in ours. The American government collapsed in 1934, with the President being dragged out of the White House and lynched.

Following that, there was total anarchy in the United States for the next three years. Then, in 1937, a group of men, back by the military who just wanted stability, seized power.  Calling themselves the Regime, they promised peace and stability, if the American people would submit to their rule.

Desperate for an end to the chaos, the people bought into it. Once it was firmly in power, the Regime subsequently made treaties of friendship with Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.

Parallel Hitler

Parallel Adolf Hitler

When the Second World War began in 1939, the Regime quickly sided with the Axis Powers. They provided arms and personal to Germany and then watched as Hitler took over all of Europe, including Britain and Russia.

In the Pacific, the Regime and Imperial Japan divided up the various lands between them.

While Germany and Japan took over Europe and Asia, the Regime conquered both Canada and Mexico. They then bullied South America into becoming a protectorate.

In no small part to the actions of the Regime, the Axis powers won World War II and have ruled this world ever since. Only Australia and a few other countries have managed to remain free from Axis rule.

The Regime


Flag of the Regime

Like its Axis allies, the Regime is a one party state that controls all aspects of the lives of its citizens. The Regime has an all powerful organization called the Security Forces that keeps watch on the general population. The Security Forces all have their own districts, each of which is headed by Section Leader.

It is compulsory for all citizens of the Regime to have a microchip implanted into their right hand at birth. These microchips allow the Security Forces to keep track of said citizens. A scan of the microchip will bring up all the vital statistics of the citizen in question.

Those that speak out, or engage in activities which the Regime finds seditious, are either executed or sent to forced labour camps for extended periods of time.

Fearing that colleges and universities were "hotbeds of sedition", the Regime eventually closed them all down and took over the administration of all Academia.

Despite various crackdowns by the Regime, many resistance movements have continued to thrive throughout the country. One such group is active in the San Francisco area.

Rex and Hannah encounter the parallel space/time continuum

In 2011, while making an attempt to travel back in time to the year 1906, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster were instead transported, via a malfunctioning Time Key, to the parallel space/time continuum.

Upon their arrival in the parallel space/time continuum, Rex and Hannah were captured by the Security Forces, and brought to Paige Matthews, who was a Section Leader in the Security Forces. Paige interrogated the two former Warlocks, but refused to believe their account of coming from another space/time continuum. Rather, she believed that they were enemy spies and had Rex and Hannah locked up.

Deciding that this world was not for them, Rex and Hannah decided to use the Time Key to try and return to their own continuum. However, Rex then discovered that, in their rough arrival in this continuum, they had lost the Time Key. Using Rex's power of translocation, Rex and Hannah returned to spot where they had arrived in this continuum to look for the Time Key. However, before Rex and Hannah could begin a proper search, they were captured by the Resistance and taken to the Resistance's hidden gathering place, where they met the still living Patty Halliwell and her second husband, Sam Wilder (Patty's first husband, Victor Bennett, had been executed by the Regime for being too vocal in his opinions about them). Also in the resistance were Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell.

Patty told the two former Warlocks that her mother, Penny Halliwell, didn’t reveal much of magic to any of them, because she had been afraid the Regime would find out. Sam informed them that, when the Elders gave up on humanity, because of the brutality of the Regime and its ally states (Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan) they recalled all the white lighters from Earth. Sam chose to remain with Patty, and thus became mortal. Rex and Hannah informed Patty and Sam about the Charmed Ones in the world they came from. Patty and Sam were thus convinced that Rex and Hannah were sincere.

At that same time, Paige had found out about Rex and Hannah's escape and decided to investigate further. She viewed a tape of their arrival in this continuum and realized that perhaps their story was not so far fetched. She decided to head to the location of Rex and Hannah's arrival to see what she could find there.

Later, having accompanied the Halliwell family back to their Manor, Rex and Hannah informed the Halliwells about Paige. Prue, Piper, and Phoebe at first refused to believe that Paige Matthews was their sister, but Patty believed it, she knew that Paige would have been just about the right age. Patty explained that Paige had been taken away from her and Sam when she was a child because the Regime only allowed three children to a family. Rex and Hannah informed her that, yes, Paige was indeed her and Sam's daughter.

Rex then headed to the attic to find the Book Of Shadows, in order to help the Charmed Ones of this universe discover their true legacy, Hannah went off to see if she could find the Time Key.

Soon, in the attic, Rex discovered the Book Of Shadows, where Penny had hidden it decades before, under some floor boards.

At that same time, Hannah, who had still been searching for the Time Key, was captured by Paige, who had found the Time Key. Having been taken back to Paige’s office, Hannah was subjected to a truth drug and was made to tell where Rex was. Hearing the name Halliwell, Paige got curious, because she believed they had all been executed years before (the Regime, of course, had lied to her). Paige thus decided to head to Halliwell Manor herself to find some answers, taking Hannah with her.

The parallel Charmed Ones discovery their legacy

Soon after, at the Manor, Rex revealed the Book Of Shadows to everyone. At that same time, Paige arrived at the Manor with Hannah. Paige then demanded answers, but Patty managed to convince her long lost daughter of the truth by singing the song Suo Gan to her. This triggered a childhood memory in Paige, as she remembered her mother singing that song to her. This convinced Prue, Piper, and Phoebe that Paige was their sister, as they recalled Patty singing the same song to them when they were little.

Rex, after having made sure that Hannah was okay, managed to convince Paige, and her sisters, to touch the Book Of Shadows, and it would help reveal the truth. All four of them touched the Book and the four sisters had their powers activated. At that point, Paige, who now realized that everything the Regime had told her was a lie, agreed to help her family.

The spirit he of that world’s Penny Halliwell then appeared and gave them all her blessing. She had realized that she had been wrong to conceal the truth of their birthright from her granddaughters. Before departing, the spirit of Penny thanked Rex and Hannah for helping her granddaughters discover their legacy.

Rex then told the sisters that with the help of the Book Of Shadows, they could find other good witches and magical beings. These beings could, in the long run, possibly help the Charmed Ones bring down the Regime.

Rex and Hannah's departure and legacy

Leaving that parallel world to its own destiny, Rex and Hannah used the now repaired Time Key to return to their own space/time continuum. The legacy the two former Warlocks left behind was the debut of this space/time continuum's Charmed Ones.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact the Charmed Ones and their allies will have on this world.


Rex and Hannah Chronicles Stories No. 24 & 25: World Of Darkness Parts 1 & 2