Personal Data (Rex)

BIRTH NAME: Rex Buckland

AGE: Inapplicable.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Former auction house owner, former instructor at Stanford University, now Head of the Ancient Languages Department at Miskatonic University.

DESIGNATION: Former Warlock, now human.

KNOWN POWERS: Astral projection, illusion, translocation.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Hannah Webster (wife), Jenkalu Hannah Buckland (descendant), Wyatt and Chris Halliwell (God nephews), Phoebe Hannah Turner (God daughter).

Personal Data (Hannah)

BIRTH NAME: Hannah Webster

AGE: Inapplicable.

HAIR: Red.

EYES: Blue.

OCCUPATION: Former auction house co-worker, currently amateur journalist.

DESIGNATION: Former Warlock, now human.

KNOWN POWERS: Shape shifting (but only into members of the cat family), pyrotechnics.

KNOWN RELATIVES: Rex Buckland (husband), Jenkalu Hannah Buckland (descendant), Wyatt and Chris Halliwell (God nephews), Phoebe Hannah Turner (God daughter).

First meeting

In the year 1705, Hannah Webster had been a practicing witch in the village of Anne's Town, Massachusetts, when she was found out. Even the friends that Hannah had lived with, since parents had been killed in fire, when she was ten, turned against her. Hannah was now an outcast in the village that she had been born and raised in.

Hannah's trial was presided over by the village Squire, Edward Faversham, a man who enforced Puritan ideals, at least to the public. Needless to say, Hannah was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. However, the night before Hannah's scheduled execution, Faversham secretly visited her cell and offered to free her, provided she would have sex with him. When Hannah rejected his advances, Faversham went forward with the execution plans.

The following morning, Faversham asked Hannah if she had anything to say, before sentence was passed. Hannah tried to explain that her being a witch was no thread to anyone, rather she, and others like her, just wanted to practice their own religion. Of course, this fell on deaf ears. Hannah then suggested that she might mention Faversham's "offer" of the previous night. This enraged Faversham enough to try and strike her, which Hannah had been waiting for. She promptly kicked Faversham in the crotch and escaped into the woods.

Pursued through the woods, Hannah had not gotten far, when one of Faversham's men shot her in the back with a musket rifle. Rather than let them deliver the coup de grace, Faversham told his men to leave Hannah to "die a dog’s death in the woods".

At that time, Rex Buckland, a fellow witch, had been gathering herbs in the woods, when he heard the shot. Investigating, he found the mortally wounded Hannah. Knowing that she would have no chance for survival if left alone in the woods, Rex took her back to his cabin. Once there, Rex removed the musket ball from Hannah's wound and used a potion, that he'd mixed following instructions from an ancient Sumerian scroll, to help the healing process. Even then, Hannah's chances for survival were iffy at best.

For three days, Hannah was delirious, until her fever finally broke. It was then that she and Rex formally met for the first time.

Rex told Hannah that, five years before, he'd left England to travel all around the world, sometimes visiting places few people ever went. During his travels, he'd acquired many ancient scrolls, including the one he'd used to help heal Hannah. He had a knack for translating old languages. However, Rex knew that most people would consider said scrolls evil. Therefore, when he arrived in the New World, he built a cabin, far in the woods, away from civilization.

When Hannah told Rex that she intended to head for New France, Rex suggested that she stay with him instead. He had gotten lonely, and Hannah, a fellow witch, would at least understand him. A grateful Hannah accepted Rex's offer.

Rex and Hannah turn against humanity

For two months, Rex and Hannah lived happily together, and had a growing friendship. If left alone, they might have lived happily together, but it was not to be.

One day, while she was working out in her garden, Hannah was spotted by two of Faversham's men, who quickly reported back to the Squire that Hannah was still alive.

That evening, while Rex and Hannah were having a quite dinner, Faversham, and two of his men, burst into the cabin. Taken by surprise, Rex was quickly restrained, before he could do anything. Then, as Rex watched, Faversham burned his collection of scrolls, deeming them to be "heathen".

Faversham then turned his attention to Hannah, and instructing his men to keep restraining Rex, dragged her into the bedroom. Once again, he made an offer to free Hannah, if she would preform sexual favours for him. Once again, Hannah rejected his offer, this time by spitting in his face. Enraged, Faversham physically attacked Hannah, intending to rape her. However, Hannah spotted a knife nearby and, grabbing it, stabbed Faversham, over and over again.

Hearing the commotion coming from the bedroom, Faversham's men joked that Hannah was being taught a lesson, furthering enraging Rex. At that moment, Hannah emerged from the bedroom, covered with blood. This distracted Faversham's men long enough for Rex to overpower them. Seeing what was left of Faversham , Rex knew that both he and Hannah would now be branded murderers, regardless of what Faversham had intended to do to Hannah. He wisely suggested that the two of them make themselves scarce.

Once they were safely away, Hannah exploded in rage, damning all humanity as hateful, ignorant bigots. Rex could only agree with her.


It was at that point that Tempus, the Demon Of time, appeared and made Rex and Hannah an offer. Become Warlocks, and work for the Source. He explained that, as Warlocks, Rex and Hannah would be immortal, and immune to human diseased and injuries. He closed by saying that humanity had rejected, they really had nowhere else to go. Rex and Hannah, in a decision that both would later regret, accepted the offer.


For over two hundred years, Rex and Hannah served the Source and his Demons, doing their dirty work for them. They soon realized that Warlocks were at the bottom of the pecking order in the Underworld, that they were little more than expendable slaves. However, by then, it was too late for them to back out.

Encounter with the Charmed Ones


Rex in his office at Buckland Auction House.

In 1998, Rex and Hannah were sent to Earth by the Source. Their mission was to procure the powers of the witches known as the Halliwell sisters, A.K.A. the Charmed Ones. Once on Earth, Rex and Hannah used fake documentation which enabled them to take over Buckland Auction House in 1998 (replacing the two people who had the misfortune of having the same names as the two Warlocks, said people had been murdered by the Source's assassin, Shax).

Hannah at Buckland Auction House.

When Penny Halliwell, the grandmother of the Charmed Ones, died that year, this was the sign that the Charmed Ones would soon acquire their powers. Rex and Hannah's mission thus began then.

Eventually, Rex, after having learned that Prudence Halliwell had quit her previous job, called her and offered her a job at the Auction House. He soon hired her in order to keep her, and to a lesser extent, her two sisters, under direct observation until he could figure out a way to get their powers and deliver them to the Source.

There was an instant dislike between Prue and Hannah, perhaps because both were strong willed. This caused some friction problems. At one point, Hannah had actually blurted out "It's my mission to destroy you," to Prue. What Hannah was unaware of was that this was caused by a truth spell that Prue had cast that day. However, this incident did give Rex some concern and he had to work hard to keep Hannah reined in at times.

Rex himself had no personal hatred for the Halliwell sisters, but knew that he had to get their powers to successfully complete his and Hannah's mission.

Rex and Hannah in love


Rex and Hannah in love.

One unexpected event that did happen was that Rex and Hannah, during their assignment, fell in love. Of course, this was the culmination of the feelings that couple had felt for more than two centuries.

At the time, the emotion of love was strictly forbidden to all denizens of the Underworld. Yet, Rex and Hannah defied the odds and embarked on their relationship.

This relationship that continues to this present day as the two of them are now married.

Matthew Tate


Rex talking to Prue Halliwell.

Eventually, Rex tricked Prue into freeing a powerful Warlock from the 17th Century named Matthew Tate. Rex and Hannah hoped that Matthew could acquire the Halliwell sisters powers. Matthew had been defeated and confined to a locket, that Melinda Warren, the ancestor of the Charmed Ones had worn. This took place just prior to Melinda's execution, in 1692, in Salem, Massachusetts.

However, Matthew became too overconfident, and the Charmed Ones, with the help of Melinda Warren, whom they had summoned from the Spirit World, defeated him. Matthew was returned to the locket and Melinda, on her way back to the Spirit World, returned to the Witchcraft Museum, in Salem, from which it had been stolen.

Hannah in discussion with Rex.

Rex assured Hannah that this setback had at least, brought them some time, because it did succeed in confirming that the Halliwell sisters were indeed the Charmed Ones.

At this point, Hannah was scared that the Source would punish them for their failure. Rex assured her that this setback had at least, brought them some time, because it did succeed in confirming that the Halliwell sisters were indeed the Charmed Ones.

Hannah then stated that they should have taken care of the Charmed Ones themselves.

Rex agreed with her that the time had come to take direct action against the Charmed Ones.

The final assault

Long not after, Rex acquired the new power of astral projection. This allowed him to project himself psychically and subliminally plant commands in people’s minds. With this power, Rex was able to manipulate the Charmed Ones into giving up their powers by first framing Prue for the theft of the Romanov Tiara.

Hannah after Rex demonstrates his new astral projection powers on her.

Hannah was very much involved in the scheme Rex came up with to strip the Halliwell sisters of their powers. Hannah had struck the killing blow to security guard Jaime Lopez, in order to set things up so it would look as if Prue had committed the crime.

Rex then offered the Charmed Ones an ultimatum: Give up their powers to himself and Hannah, and he would provide the evidence that would clear Prue of the murder charge.

Seemingly out of options, the sisters relinquished their powers, which flowed into a lantern that Rex had provided for them.

Rex holds the lantern containing the powers of the Charmed Ones.

Once Rex had the powers of the Charmed Ones in his hand, it was Hannah’s task to kill them (both having been ordered to do so by the Source).

Hannah, having turned into a black panther, charged the sisters, but the intervention of the White Lighter known as Leo Wyatt saved them. The Halliwell regained their powers at the last second and used them against Rex and Hannah. Piper froze time and Prue moved the frozen Rex into Hannah’s path. Without realizing what had happened, Hannah pounced on Rex and injured him.

Both were recalled to the Underworld, where the Source had Rex and Hannah punished for the failure of their mission. The Source sentenced Rex and Hannah to ten thousand years in his dungeon.


It was during this imprisonment and punishment that Rex and Hannah realized the truth. The Source was nothing but a petty dictator and cared nothing for those he ruled.

More to the point, Warlocks were considered nothing but expendable cannon fodder.

Escape and Revolution

Rex and Hannah then waited about a year, until they saw their chance. They then jumped their guards and escaped from captivity.

Following their escape, Rex and Hannah encountered many other Warlocks who felt the same way, and soon they had formed themselves into a resistance group, called The Insurgents. For the next several years, The Insurgents, led by Rex and Hannah, fought for the freedom of their fellow Warlocks. In the end, it was the Charmed Ones that helped them by eliminating all the Upper Level Demons in the Underworld, including the Source, Zankou, and the Triad. With all the Upper Level Demons gone, the Warlocks were finally able to launch a full scale revolution.

The Warlock Revolution cost many brave Warlocks their lives. However, under the leadership of Rex and Hannah, they were successful in forever freeing themselves from Demonic rule. After centuries of oppression, Warlocks were now free to chose their own path.

Return to Earth, reconciliation with the Halliwell sisters, and becoming human again

Following that revolution, Rex and Hannah returned to Earth, where they travelled the world for a while. Eventually, after an adventure on a mystical Plateau in South America, they relocated back to the San Francisco area in 2008, moving into an apartment in Palo Alto. Rex managed to secure employment as an instructor at Stanford University, while Hannah settled into the role of housewife.

Rex and Hannah subsequently reconciled their differences with Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, and their half-sister, Paige Matthews, becoming steadfast allies of the Halliwell sisters (Rex and Hannah would become the God aunt and uncle to Piper's two sons, Wyatt and Chris Halliwell). It was also at this point that Rex and Hannah helped liberate Kira the Seer from the Demonic Wasteland, after which the Angel Of Destiny appeared and gave Kira her soul back. Kira would soon become a friend and ally of Rex and Hannah.

Since Rex and Hannah had forever turned their backs on evil, the Angel Of Destiny also returned both their souls to them. Although Rex and Hannah both retained their respective powers, they were now human. They would age normally and be vulnerable to illness and injuries like any other human.

Life soon settled down for Rex and Hannah. Often at times they would dine at Quake Restaurant, where Piper Halliwell had once worked, years before.

Life and adventures


Rex and Hannah now often found themselves having many a new adventure.

One of Rex and Hannah's first adventures, at that point, involved them meeting a woman named Clare Patrick, who was, in reality, the legendary Cleopatra.

Another adventure took the two of them to another planet called Aarnic.

New adventures for the two former Warlocks.

That same year, the Angel Of Destiny remanded Cole Turner into Rex and Hannah's custody, until the Council Of Angels could finally decide to return Cole's soul to him. In the end, they ultimately did so.

A 2009 adventure took Rex, Hannah, and Paige (and Ava Nicolae, the Gypsy doctor friend of the Charmed Ones) to a  bunker in the Carpathian Mountains.   Said bunker had formerly belonged to the late Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu.                  

 That same year, the Angel Of Destiny remanded Cole Turner into Rex and Hannah's custody, until the Council Of Angels could finally decide to return Cole's soul to him. 

Rex and Hannah would occasionally use the Time Key (a device that once belong to Tempus, the Demon Of Time) to travel in time. In one such adventure, they wound up confronting the disgraced White Lighter Elder, Gideon. Another adventure involved a malfunctioning Time Key accidentally transporting the two former Warlocks to a parallel space/time continuum.

Rex and Hannah amassed a collection of magical weapons in order to protect themselves when needed.

Rex also has a collection of rare books and scrolls because he feels that knowledge, whether good or evil, must be preserved. These books and scrolls have also come in handy for supplying Rex and Hannah with vital information when needed. These have more than replaced the ones that were destroyed in 1705.

The two former Warlocks had adventures involving demons, ghosts, and evil humans. One adventure had the Rex and Hannah end up in the fictional land of Narnia.

Rex and Hannah often had adventures on or around Halloween.

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland5

Jenkalu Hannah Buckland

In 2009, Rex and Hannah met a historian from the 34th Century, named Kalu, who wanted to know about Rex and Hannah's exploits at leading the Insurgents.

What Rex and Hannah didn't know was that Kalu was, in fact, Jenkalu Hannah Buckland, their 34th Century descendant.

The two former Warlocks would have several more encounters with Kalu over the following years (see Kalu's own page for details).

First brush with the Old Ones

In 2009, Rex and Hannah traveled to Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Massachusetts, to examine the only other copy of the Necronomicon still known to exist, apart from the copy that Rex possessed. While they were there, that copy was stolen by a misguided student named Mike Johns. Mike hoped to use it to release the Old Ones from the empty dimension they had been sealed in since their battle with the forces of Good and Evil, thousands of years before. Rex and Hannah stopped him in time, but Mike wound up trapped in the same empty dimension as the Old Ones.

Rex and Hannah returned the copy of the Necronomicon to Miskatonic University, where Rex used a magic spell to seal it in its glass container.

Second brush with the Old Ones

In the year, 2011, Rex and Hannah travelled to the planet Yuggoth in order to stop a group of Lower Level Demons who had gone there to use whatever secrets the Old Ones left behind to restore the Underworld. The Demons then tried to force Rex to translate the original Necronomicon (which was located on Yuggoth) , so that they could free the Old Ones, in order to offer then an alliance to rebuild the Underworld. Rex refused, knowing the chaos the Old Ones would impose on the universe if released. He tried to tell the Demons that, but they refused to listen.

At that point, the Guardians, beings the Old Ones had created to guard Yuggoth, attacked, and consumed the Demons. Sensing that Rex and Hannah were not there to plunder Yuggoth, but rather to stop the Demons from doing so, the beings decided to let the two former Warlocks safely return to Earth.

The Black Stone

In late 2014, Rex and Hannah were invited to Vermont by Bill Kline a colleague of Rex’s at Stanford. Kline had found a mysterious Black Stone and wanted Rex to translate the writing on said stone. These events led to the two former Warlocks having their first encounter with the Mi-go.

Rex and Hannah also met Randolph Carter, a graduate student at Miskatonic University, during this adventure. At the time, neither of the two former Warlocks realized what in impact on their lives this meeting would soon have.


Perhaps one of Rex and Hannah's most incredible adventures was their visit (with Randolph Carter coming along) to the Mi-go's Antarctic outpost, in late 2014. There, they met the descendants of followers of Napoleon Bonaparte, who had fled there after Napoleon's defeat in 1812. The followers had been led there by the Oban Compendium, which told of the location of the Mi-go outposts around the world.

While there, Rex managed to repair the malfunctioning equipment the Mi-go had left behind and save the outpost and everyone in it. However the long term survival of those living in the outpost required them to re-establish contact with the outside world.

New adventures in Arkham


Rex and Hannah's house, a few miles outside of Arkham.

In 2015, Rex accepted a new job as Head of the Ancient Languages Department at Miskatonic University in Arkham, Massachusetts. He and Hannah thus left Palo Alto and moved to Arkham. Rex was surprised that he was offered the job from a university that was located so far way from where he resided.

Rex and Hannah settled into a new house, located a few miles outside Arkham (the house had once belonged to the mysterious Dr. Herbert West). Said house had been procured for the two of them by Miskatonic University.

Rex and Hannah also began to frequent a local restaurant called the Burger Bar, befriending a young server there named Staci Clarke (who is also in one of Rex's classes at Miskatonic University).

The two former Warlocks had a few adventures after their move to Arkham.

They investigated the mystery of unexplained disappearances in the Catskill Mountains of nearby New York State, said mystery going back several centuries. This led to the two former Warlocks confronting the degenerate Martense family.

They also investigated the strange history of the nearby town of Innsmouth and the even known as The Dunwich Horror.

Hannah's investigations

Even prior to these events, Hannah had begun to study the mysterious events that had occurred in Arkham over the past few centuries. She gathered notes and interviewed the townsfolk of Arkham. Among the events that Hannah investigated was Blasted Heath incident of the late 19th Century, and the bizarre case of Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee.

Arkham Gazette

Hannah writes an article for the Arkham Gazette.

Hannah wrote an article about what she had uncovered that ended up getting published in the Arkham Gazette.

Over time, Hannah, along with Rex, began to uncover the truth about why they had been compelled to move to Arkham, a truth that involved Randolph Carter.

The truth would soon be revealed to the two former Warlocks.

The Inner Circle reveals itself


Symbol of the Inner Circle.

All this time, Rex had suspected that there was a hidden agenda at work here. He felt it was very strange that someone seemingly had gone through a lot of trouble to get him and Hannah to Arkham.

As it turned out, Rex was correct. His and Hannah's move to Arkham had been arranged by the Inner Circle, which was led by Randolph Carter. Rex and Hannah had already knew Randolph through their adventures in Vermont and Antarctica with him. Randolph had become convinced that the two former Warlocks would make good additions to the Inner Circle. Randolph believed that Rex's talents at translating old books and scrolls, plus his and Hannah's magical abilities, would make great assets.

Richard Pickman, the current Dean of Miskatonic University, was a member of the Inner Circle. It was he that acted under Randolph's orders to get the two former Warlocks to Arkham by offering Rex his new job and procuring Rex and Hannah's new house for them.

Over time, Rex and Hannah had gradually uncovered information about the existence of the Inner Circle. Their investigations finally forced Randolph's hand. He revealed that he was a leader the the Inner Circle, and wanted Rex and Hannah in Arkham because he felt that they would be a good addition to the group. Randolph went on to say that the Circle would admit Hannah, the first time a woman would be permitted to join the group.

Attempt on Hannah's life

Randolph's invitation to Rex and Hannah to join the Circle caused a problem with Joseph Philip, another member of the Circle. Philip objected to the idea of Hannah, a woman, being admitted.

The next day, Philip confronted Hannah at the Burger Bar and made threats to Hannah, if she went through with joining the Circle. Hannah told him to back off, that she wasn't afraid of him.

Soon after, while Hannah was on her way home, Philip tried to kill her by hitting her with his car. Hannah survived, but both her legs were broken in several places. A couple of her ribs were also broken, and she also suffered a severe concussion. Worst of all, her spleen was badly ruptured, with significant internal bleeding.

Hannah was quickly rushed to Arkham Community Hospital and into surgery. The surgery was successful in saving Hannah’s life, but her spleen was a total loss and had to be removed.

Several weeks later, Hannah had been transferred to regular room (where Rex visited her every day). Although expected to make a full recovery, Hannah knew that she faced a long road ahead, including physiotherapy. Randolph then revealed that, since one of their own had caused Hannah’s injuries, the Circle had pulled some strings and arranged to pay for Hannah’s long hospital stay. The two former Warlocks were very grateful for this.

The Inner Circle and other future plans

At that point, Rex and Hannah informed Randolph that they had decided to join the Inner Circle. A grateful Randolph quickly welcomed the two former Warlocks into the fold.

Rex then officially started his new job as Head of the Ancient Languages Department at Miskatonic University.

Hannah had vowed that, despite her injuries, she intended to continue her journalistic aspirations. She announced her intentions to apply to the Miskatonic University School Of Journalism in 2016.

Halloween wedding


The happy groom and blushing bride: Halloween of 2015.

After a conversation with Kira the Seer, via Skype, Hannah began to wonder if she and Rex should get married (Kira had revealed that she and Cole Turner were now engaged).

Hannah asked Staci Clarke to make a Halloween wedding cake, to kind of ease Rex into the idea.

Needless to say, Rex was surprised when Hannah first asked him. However, Rex, till reeling from almost losing Hannah due to Philip's attempt to kill her, realized how much he truly loved her, and he said yes.

On Halloween Day, 2015, Rex and Hannah were finally married. The ceremony took place at the Arkham Town Hall. In attendance to the wedding were Kalu, Randolph Carter Richard Pickman, Staci Clarke, and, via Skype, Kira the Seer and Cole Turner.

The two former Warlocks wished each other a Happy Halloween and then began their lives together as a married couple.

Mystery illness and return to Yuggoth

In early 2016, a mysterious illness swept through Arkham, affecting many people, including Staci Clarke. The Inner Circle, through the Administrator of Arkham Community Hospital, recruited Rex and Hannah to find a cure.

As it turned out the illness was tied into the Blasted Heath. The meteor that had landed on the Gardner farm in the late 19th Century had originated on Yuggoth. It had been a piece of volcanic debris that had been hurled into space by an eruption from one of Yuggoth's many volcanoes and had eventually fallen to Earth.

Although it had been covered over by the town reservoir, the Blasted Heath had continued to expand. Finally, the contamination had become more than the water filtration systems could handle. It thus began to affect the town's water supply.

Rex and Hannah soon realized that the cure could be found on Yuggoth, since that was from where the meteor had come from. The two former Warlocks thus returned to the dark planet and were successfully able to procure the cure from the Mi-go. The cure had been a tablet. Upon their return to Earth, Rex and Hannah dropped said tablet into the reservoir, where it quickly neutralized the Blasted Heath and then successfully cured all the affected townspeople. All of them, including Staci Clarke, made a full recovery.

Dark Alternate Future

Rex and Hannah recently learned that they are due to play a key role in stopping the Old Ones from escaping their empty dimension prison. By using the Hobus Crystal, a mysterious crystal with the powers to show possible time lines to people as a dream, Randolph Carter showed Rex and Hannah a time line in which they never existed. In that time line, the Old Ones had escaped their prison and had wiped out all life on Earth, in the Underworld, and the White Lighter Elders.

Rex and Hannah did not fully approve of Randolph's methods, he had to put them to sleep first, without their consent, in order to use the crystal on them.

In the end, Rex and Hannah did come to understand why Randolph had done so. The two former Warlocks now understood that the future of humanity lay in their hands.


In June of 2016, Rex and Hannah travelled to Greece, searching for clues about an archeologist named Harley Warren. Warren had disappeared, nearly a decade earlier, while on an expedition to find clues that there was was perhaps some truth behind the Greek myths.

Turns out that Warren had been correct as Rex and Hannah eventually met Miduzza, who was the basis for the mythical Medusa. Miduzza was an alien from a planet called Progone. Miduzza had fled her native world, thousands of years earlier, when Progone had been invaded by the Old Ones, and had eventually crashed landed on Earth. Miduzza had placed Harley Warren in suspended animation to prevent him from revealing her existence to the outside world.

The two former Warlocks also discovered that Miduzza was not an evil being, and had only used her powers of molecular change, to turn people to stone, out of self defense.

Rex and Hannah were able to convince Miduzza to free Warren. They then made Warren realize the truth about Miduzza. In the end, Warren promised not to reveal Miduzza's existence to the outside world. Rex, Hannah, and Warren then left Miduzza's cave and promised to keep her existence a secret.

Hannah's acceptance into the Miskatonic School Of Journalism

Just after the two former Warlocks returned from Greece, Hannah received a reply to her application to the Miskatonic School Of Journalism.

Said reply was that Hannah had been accepted into the Miskatonic School Of Journalism. Hannah started her classes in the fall of 2016.

Cole and Kira's wedding and first child

In the summer of 2016, the two former Warlocks briefly returned to San Francisco to attend the wedding of Cole Turner and Kira the Seer.

In October of 2016, Kira informed Rex and Hannah that she and Cole were expecting their first child.

On July 13th, 2017, Kira gave birth to a baby girl. The new baby was named Phoebe Hannah Turner, in honour of both Hannah and Phoebe Halliwell.

Rex and Hannah were named the new God parents of the baby.


On Halloween of 2016, Rex and Hannah met Samhain, the so-called Spirit Of Halloween, who appeared to be a young teenage girl.

During a Halloween party at the two former Warlocks house, Hannah, using her journalistic skills, uncovered the truth. Samhain was, in reality, Samantha Hainsworth. On Halloween, in 1986, seventeen-year-old Samantha Hainsworth had been attending a Halloween party with friends, when she had bitten into a piece of candy. However, the candy had been full of walnuts, which Samantha had been severely allergic to, and the allergic reaction had killed her.

When confronted about this, Samhain admitted the truth. She then said that she still loved Halloween, despite what had happened to her. Samhain crossed over every year to enjoy the holiday.

Before she returned to the Spirit World, Samhain said that she might visit Rex and Hannah again the following Halloween. The two former Warlocks told the teenage spirit that she would always be welcome.

Visit to the British Raj

In early 2017, Rex and Hannah received a package from Richard Westphalen, a British contact of the Inner Circle.  The package turned out to be the remains of the diary of an ancestor of Richard.  This ancestor, Colonel Robert Westphalen, had commanded a British fort, Fort Albert, in India in the late 19th Century.  

The diary told of an incident that happened at Fort Albert on June 20th, 1887, in which a mysterious black stone had been brought to the fort.  To Rex and Hannah, this sounded like one of the black stones of the Mi-go.  However, since the rest of the diary had been lost in the Blitz, Rex and Hannah had no idea what had happened next.

Using the Time Key, Rex and Hannah travelled to India of 1887 and arrived at Fort Albert.  Posing as delegates from the British Museum, the two former Warlocks soon meet Colonel Westphalen, who tells them that the stone had been found in the nearby Himalayas.  This only further confirms that the stone was of Mi-go origin, since the Mi-go have a habitat in the Himalayas.  

After having been shown the stone, Rex began to transcribe the writing on the stone, while Hannah decided to look around outside the fort.  Soon enough, Hannah came upon strange footprints, which she then told Rex of.   Rex and Hannah were then convinced that the Mi-go were planning to attack the fort and recover their stone.

When the two former Warlocks tried to warn Westphalen, he brushed their warning off, and dismissed it as local superstition.  

That night, the Mi-go attacked the fort and the British casualties mounted.  Rex and Hannah told Westphalen to pull his men back, that they could not fight the Mi-go.  Westphalen soon agreed, but not before twenty-seven of this men were rendered permanently insane by the Mi-go.   The Mi-go then recovered their stone and departed the fort.

In the end, the shaken Westphalen told Rex and Hannah that the whole incident would most likely be covered up.   Rex and Hannah then took their leave of him, and 1887.

Upon their return to 2017, Rex and Hannah worked on the writings that they had gotten off the stone and make a grim discovery.  According to the writing, one of the Old Ones, called Hastur, was never accounted for after the final battle with Good and Evil.  This meant that Hastur was still out there somewhere.  When Hannah pointed out that Hastur had not shown up in the 130 years since the incident at Fort Albert, Rex had a counter point.  He said that the forces that were working to free the Old Ones would no doubt find out about Hastur.   The two former Warlocks decided that they must keep watch for this event.

The Mysterious Island

In May of 2017, Rex, Hannah, and Randolph Carter travelled to a mysterious island, that had appeared in the South Pacific Ocean,

Upon arrival at the island, they soon discovered that it had been set up as a base of operations for the Old One called Hastur, whom the two former Warlocks had first learned about not too long before.

Also revealed was the fact that Hastur had created the elemental forces known as the Hollow and Nothing which were used as weapons during the war between the forces of Good and Evil and the Old Ones.

The group also discovered that Hastur himself was on the island, in a state of suspended animation in a sarcophagus. It was at that point that the group was captured by Herbert West and Johanna Martense, who had come to the island to free Hastur. When Rex refused to help the two followers of the Old Ones, Johanna had them locked up.

However, the group managed to escape the island, before it sank beneath the sea.

What the two former Warlocks didn't know, however, was that Johanna and West had managed to transport themselves, and Hastur, off the island before it sank. Johanna then used a spell to awaken Hastur, no doubt part of their scheme to free the rest of the Old Ones.

Return of Matthew Tate

In August of 2017, Rex and Hannah were surprised at the return of Matthew Tate, whom they had not seen since their failed attempt to use him to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones, nineteen years earlier. Matthew claimed that he was there to punish the two former Warlocks for treason, however, Rex and Hannah managed to fight him off.

Hannah then began to investigate how Matthew could have returned, since only a descendant of Melinda Warren could have opened the locket. Using a copy of the Halliwell family tree, that the Charmed Ones had sent to her, and other documents found online, Hannah had discovered that a woman named Charlotte Hackett, a great-great niece of Melinda Warren had been born in 1834, in Boston.  In 1857, Charlotte had married a man named Michael Brody.  They eventually moved  Michael’s home city of Atlanta, Georgia. A few years after that, in 1864, the couple had a baby girl, just as General Sherman had began his siege on the city.  All three of them were thought of have perished when Sherman had eventually burned the city,  Some charred human remains were later discovered at the site of their former home. However, there had been no way to positively identify them in those days.

Hannah concluded that the baby had survived somehow,  perhaps saved a loyal family servant or friend.  The baby had been removed from Atlanta before it had been burned down and neither Charlotte or Michael had a chance to tell any of their relatives before they had died.  Thus the baby grew up, being completely unaware of her background.  Her family line had continued right up to the present day, with the rest of the now Halliwell clan being unaware of their continued existence, and a descendant of this branch could have freed Matthew.

Although Hannah was unaware of it, she was correct. Hastur, alongside Johanna Martense and Herbert West, had located said descendant, a woman named Margaret Jacobs, and arranged for Matthew to be freed from the locket using that very tactic. Margaret Jacobs eighty-five year old woman who was in a nursing home with Alzheimer's Disease. West was easily able to get her to open the locket and release Matthew.

After another unsuccessful attempt to attack Rex and Hannah, Matthew then kidnapped Staci Clarke, whom he had witnessed Hannah interacting with. He took Staci to an island on the Miskatonic River and demanded that Rex and Hannah come there, if they valued Staci's life. Rex and Hannah had no choice but to agree.

When the two former Warlocks reached the island, they asked Matthew why he was doing this. Matthew stated that the Source had survived the Warlock Revolution and he was only carrying out his orders.

However, Rex ad Hannah informed Matthew that the Source had been vanquished by the Charmed Ones, some fifteen years earlier. At first, Matthew would not believe them, but the two former Warlocks managed to convince him of the truth. Angry, Matthew headed off to confront the "Source", while Rex and Hannah freed Staci.

In reality, it had been Hastur, posing as the Source, who was giving Matthew his orders. When Matthew confronted the Old One, Hastur revealed his face to Matthew, driving him incurably insane.

At the end of this adventure, Staci confronted Rex and Hannah and demanded to know the truth. The two former Warlocks ended up telling Staci about the Inner Circle, in which Staci then said she wanted to join.

Staci became the second woman admitted to the Inner Circle. Currently, she and Hannah are the only female members.

Samhain returns for Halloween of 2017

As she had indicated the previous Halloween, Samhain returned to Earth, as Halloween of 2017 approached, to spend the holiday with Rex and Hannah. The two former Warlocks were planning another Halloween party, as well as a surprise 25th Birthday party for Randolph Carter, and they invited Samhain to attend the party.

Since they had time to spare before Halloween, the two former Warlocks and Samhain embarked on a road trip to help Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts cross over.

Samhain proved very helpful in crossing over one such ghost, a teenaged girl named Janet Sutton, who had been killed when a drunk driver hit her, on July 10th, 1975.

Inspired by this incident, Samhain informed Rex and Hannah that she would not be returning to the Spirit World. Rather, she was going to remain on Earth and help other Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts cross over. When the two former Warlocks told Samhain that this could take decades, Samhain pointed out that she had all the time in the world to complete her quest. In the end, Rex and Hannah agreed.

Before leaving on her quest, Samhain attended Rex and Hannah's Halloween party.

During the party, the two former Warlocks surprised Randolph with a birthday cake that Staci, at the suggestion of Hannah, had made for the party.

As the party proceeded, Rex and Hannah wished each other a Happy Halloween.

Visit to Exham Priory

In May of 2018, Rex and Hannah were asked by Dean Richard Pickman to travel to the ruins of Exham Priory to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Professor Nathan Howell and David Abbott, the graduate student who had been assisting him. Both men had vanished while excavating the ruins of Exham Priory, which had once belonged to the De la Pour family, who had owned it since the 13th Century.

Before leaving for Britain, Hannah provided Rex with the background information concerning the De la Pour family and the dark legacy it had left behind. This background included cannibalism by the family in an underground city, until it was stopped in the 1600's, by Walter De la Pour, who then fled to the New World and changed the spelling of the family name to Delapore.

Rex and Hannah, along with Randolph Carter and Staci Clarke, travelled to Britain and arrived at the ruins of Exham Priory. By then they had learned that Howell had badgered Miskatonic University for years for a grant to pay for a dig at Exham Priory. Not long after, the group then discovered the entrance to an underground cave.

Before long, they discovered the underground city of the De la Pour family. Rex noted that the city had been constructed over the centuries, with Druidic, Roman, Saxon, and Norman bits all added to the existing city.

Soon after, the group had split up, and Rex and Hannah soon discovered the dead body of David Abbott, which looked like it had been partially eaten.

Soon after, Rex and Hannah had rejoined Randolph and Staci, who had encountered Professor Howell, near a statue of Cthulhu, deep in the underground city. Rex and Hannah informed everyone about finding the body of David Abbott.

Yet, Howell seemed unconcerned about the death of his graduate student and soon dropped a bomb on the group. His full name was Nathan Howell De la Poer, a descendant of an illegitimate son of Walter de la Poer. Upon investigating his family's past, Howell had uncovered its dark secrets. This led to an obsession for him, making him convince Miskatonic University to give him a grant to explore Exham Priory. The madness that had consumed his ancestors was now consuming him.

At that point, Rex accused Howell of murdering David Abbott. Howell confirmed that accusation and told the group that he planned to resume his family's cannibalistic rituals, all in service to the Old Ones, to which the De la Pour family had worshipped for centuries. He planned to kill Rex and Randolph, while saving Hannah and Staci as breeding stock for a new branch of the De la Pour family.

Hannah then morphed into a lion, and pounced on Howell, knocking him unconscious.

After turning Howell over to the proper authorities, Rex, Hannah, Randolph, and Staci returned to the U.S., after having arranged to have the entrance to the cave, and the underground city, sealed forever.

Halloween of 2018

As Halloween of 2018 approached, Samhain returned, bringing an army of ghosts along, whom she had met during her quest to find other Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts. On Samhain's instructions, the ghosts gathered at Rex and Hannah's house, so the two former Warlocks could cross later them over.

On Halloween itself, Rex and Hannah threw their annual Halloween party, and invited all their friends, including Randolph Carter and Staci Clarke.

During the party, Randolph took Rex aside and revealed that the Inner Circle had tracked down Matthew Tate to the asylum in Sefton. Randolph then told Rex that Matthew was seemingly insane beyond all hope. Rex then decided that they needed to arrange to visit Matthew as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Hannah interviewed a bunch of the ghosts, including two named Angela Moss and Clarissa, for a new article she intended to submit to the Arkham Gazette.

In the end, all the ghosts were crossed over to the spirit world, including Samhain herself. Samhain told Rex and Hannah that she might return the following Halloween.

When Hannah's article was published, two days later, it was the most read article of the week.


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