Time travel

Here is a list of the time travelling done by Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, in the order in which is occurred.

Note this page relates to only Rex and Hannah time travelling, not any other character.

Most of the time travelling involved the use of the Time Key.

Rex and Hannah in San Francisco of 1958

50's Frisco

In 2008, Rex and Hannah were informed that Lucius, a Lower Level Demon, has stolen the Time Key from Tempus's lair and was planning to use it. Rex and Hannah confronted Lucius and managed to take the Time Key from him. However, just seconds before, Lucius had managed to open a portal to the past and he quickly went through it.

Rex and Hannah followed in his wake and travelled back in time to San Francisco in the year 1958. There they teamed up with the young Penny Halliwell. They stopped Lucius before he could kill young Patty Halliwell and stop the Charmed Ones from ever being born.

Following that, Rex and Hannah used the Time Key to return to 2008.

Ancient Egypt


In 2009, following an adventure in Modern Egypt, Rex, Hannah, and Claire Patrick, who is in reality Cleopatra, paid a brief visit back through time to Alexandria, of Ancient Egypt.

Claire then showed Rex and Hannah the Egypt she knew. Rex did not use the Time Key in this instance, but rather cast a magical spell that had sent the three of them into the past.

Rex and Hannah visit their own past

Wicca Envy
In 2009, Rex and Hannah found themselves “recruited” by the Temporal Enforcers (a future Time Police force that monitors the time stream) and sent back to early 1999.

They arrived just at the beginning of the scheme that the 1999 version of Rex and Hannah had come up with to acquire the powers of the Charmed Ones. Kalu , the historian from the 34th Century (and Rex and Hannah's future descendant), then appeared and told Rex and Hannah that she had been asked by the Temporal Enforcers to act as a consultant, because of her intimate knowledge of Rex and Hannah. Kalu explained that they had been sent back into the past to stop a Demon named Vosk. Vosk had travelled back in time from the year 2032 in order to change the outcome of the 1999 Rex and Hannah’s final battle with the Charmed Ones.

Vosk’s plan was to ensure that the 1999 Rex and Hannah’s scheme succeeded, which would result in the Charmed Ones dying in 1999 and none of their descendants ever being born (Wyatt and Chris Halliwell were responsible for defeating Vosk in 2032).

The Warlock Insurgency would also be wiped out as, had Rex and Hannah succeeded in 1999, they would not have been punished by the Source and would have no reason or motivation to turn against him.

With devices provided by Kalu (including Phase Cloaks, so Rex and Hannah could move about in the past without being seen by anyone, including their past selves), Rex and Hannah stopped Vosk before he could change the past (Vosk intended to stop Leo Wyatt from intervening to save the Charmed Ones) and dispatched him back to 2032 (where Wyatt and Chris Halliwell vanquished him).

Having succeeded, Rex and Hannah were returned to 2009.

Roman Britain

Roman Britain

In 2010, Rex and Hannah used the Time Key to travel back in time to Britain of 61 A.D., in order to witness Queen Boudicca’s ill fated attempt to drive the Romans from Britain. While there, they encountered the disgraced White Lighter Elder, Gideon, who had fallen through a hole in space/time caused by his battle with Leo Wyatt in 2004.

Gideon attempted to alter history by making sure Boudicca succeeded in defeating the Romans and driving them out of Britain. Despite mixed feelings over this incident, he himself was sympathetic to Boudicca’s cause, Rex realized that history must unfold as it was supposed to and stopped Gideon. Boudicca led her forces to their historical defeat.

After the battle, Rex sought out Boudicca. He apologized to her for stopping Gideon, telling her that history demanded that she and her forces had to lose the battle. Rex then told Boudicca that, one day, Britain would be free from Roman rule. Boudicca took some comfort in Rex's words and then told him that she planned to take her own life, as history decreed.

Rex and Hannah then returned to the 21st Century with Gideon in their custody.

Hannah trapped on the Titanic


In 2012, Hannah was accidentally transported, via a magical idol, to the RMS Titanic on its final day, in 1912. Once she realized just where and when she was, Hannah tried to find a way to escape the doomed ship, before it sank.

During the course of this adventure, Hannah met five children travelling to America from Russia: Sergei, Yuri, Yulia, Natasha, and Svetlana Kerensky. Sergei told Hannah that the five of them were travelling with their tutor to join their parents, who were already in America.

Soon after, the Titanic hit the iceberg and the ship was fatally damaged as history has decreed.

Having realized that the idol was somehow responsible for her arriving in this place and time, Hannah broke into the Purser’s Office, to try and use the idol to return to her own time (the idol had been found in a deep sea probe of the wreck of the Titanic in 2012, and had been given to Rex), but was unsuccessful (Hannah didn't realize that the idol could only be used once by the same person). However, she then used a nail file to scratch a message on the bottom of the idol, for Rex to see a century later.

Later, when the Titanic was sinking, Hannah encountered the Angel Of Death, who had arrived to collect the souls of those destined to die when the Titanic sank. The Angel pointed out that Hannah did not belong there, and that she could not interfere with the events unfolding around them. Hannah replied that she had no intention of interfering, rather she just wanted to survive herself.

Soon after, Hannah again encountered the Kerensky children, who had been abandoned by their tutor, and decided to rescue them. Posing as their Governess, Hannah successfully got the children, and herself, aboard a lifeboat and they soon watched as the Titanic disappeared beneath the waters of the North Atlantic. At least 1517 crew and passengers were lost in the disaster.

Several hours later, the RMS Carpathia arrived and rescued the Titanic survivors, Hannah and the Kerensky children among them. Three days later, the Carpathia arrived in New York City, and the Titanic survivors disembarked. Hannah watched as the Kerensky children were reunited with their parents, Sergei telling them that Hannah had saved the lives of himself and his siblings. While this was going on, a reporter snapped a photo of Hannah and the Kerensky family.

Rex then arrived, having seen Hannah’s message on the idol and then using the Time Key to travel to 1912 to rescue Hannah. After having met the Kerensky family and then watching them leave, Rex told Hannah that he was able to locate her by the photograph the reporter had just taken of her and the Kerensky family. He showed her the same photo he had brought with him from the future (he had downloaded the photo from the Internet). However, Hannah was distraught because she was unable to stop the Titanic from sinking, that she was unable to make a difference. Rex worried about her as they returned to their own time.

Soon after their return to 2012, Rex showed Hannah that she did make a difference in the past. He introduced her to Hannah Macmillan, the daughter of Sergei Kerensky, one of the five children Hannah had rescued from the Titanic. Sergei had named his daughter after the woman that had saved him and his siblings, that woman being Hannah. Hannah realized that Hannah M. and her whole family would not have existed without her. Thus Hannah, having realized that she had indeed made a difference, had her mind put at ease.

The British Raj

British Raj flag

In early 2017, the two former Warlocks received a package from Richard Westphalen, a contact of the Inner Circle who lived in Britain.  The package was the remains of a diary that had been owned by Richard's ancestor, Robert, who had been a Colonel in the British Raj. Said diary told of an incident that happened at Fort Albert on June 20th, 1887, in which a mysterious black stone had been brought to the fort.  However, since the rest of the diary had been lost in the Blitz, Rex and Hannah had no idea what had happened next.  

Using the Time Key, the two former Warlocks travelled to India of 1887 headed for Fort Albert.  Posing as delegates from the British Museum, Rex and Hannah soon meet Colonel Westphalen, who tells them that the stone had been found in the nearby Himalayas (where the Mi-go had one of their habitats).   

This put Rex and Hannah on high alert, as the Mi-go were known to attack humans who took their black stones. When the two former Warlocks tried to warn Westphalen, he just dismissed it as local superstition.  

That night, the Mi-go attacked the fort and the British casualties mounted.  In the end, twenty-seven men were rendered permanently insane, before the Mi-go recovered their stone and departed.

In the end, the shaken Westphalen told Rex and Hannah that the whole incident would most likely be covered up.   Rex and Hannah then headed back to 2017, having learned all they could from this time and place.


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