Personal Data


BIRTH NAME: Samantha Hainsworth

YOB: 1969 (actual month and day unknown, aged 17 at time of death in 1986)

HAIR: Red.

EYES: Brown.


DESIGNATION: Once human, now ghost.



Samhain meets Rex and Hannah

In October of 2016, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster encountered the spirit of a teenage girl who claimed to be the spirit of Halloween. When she introduced herself to the two former Warlocks, the spirit introduced herself as "Samhain", the ancient name for Halloween.

However, Rex and Hannah noted that the spirit continually mispronounced the name, Samhain. She was saying it the way it was spelled, and not the correct pronunciation of "Sow-in".

Samhain claimed that all she wanted was to celebrate Halloween, and did so every year. This particular year, she chosen to visit Arkham, and was delighted to run into Rex and Hannah, who could see and hear her.

Despite suspecting that Samhain was holding information back, Rex and Hannah accepted her story.

The Halloween party

To accommodate Samhain, Rex and Hannah decided to throw a Halloween party and invited all the friends they had made in Arkham.

The party took place at Rex and Hannah's house. Rex and Hannah made sure that there were plenty of refreshments and such, so their guests would really get into the Halloween spirit.

Among the invited guests of the party were Randolph Carter and Staci Clarke.

Samhain's true identity and background

During the party, Samhain made a cryptic statement about Halloween candies. This prompted Hannah to use her journalistic instincts and launch her own personal investigation of Samhain. When she had a moment, Hannah slipped away from the party, headed up to her own office, and soon did an Internet search.

In no time, Hannah uncovered the truth. Samhain's real name was Samantha Hainsworth, who had once lived in Chicago. On Halloween, in 1986, seventeen-year-old Samantha Hainsworth had been attending a Halloween party with friends, when she had bitten into a piece of candy. Unfortunately, she had been unaware that said candy was full of walnuts, which Samantha had been severely allergic to. The teenager then collapsed as the allergic reaction overwhelmed her. Paramedics were quickly summoned to the scene. However, Samantha was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital.

When Hannah confronted Samhain with those facts, Samhain admitted that she had let her love of Halloween cause her drop her guard when she had bitten into the candy. However, Samantha had decided not to let her death ruin her love for Halloween (hence the reason she took the name Samhain, from the first part of her first and last names, and why she kept mispronouncing it).

When she discovered that the barriers between Earth and the Spirit World weakened every year around Halloween, Samhain started crossing over to enjoy the holiday she loved so much.

Samhain returns to the Spirit World

Before returning to the Spirit World, Samhain said that she might visit Rex and Hannah again the following Halloween. The two former Warlocks told the teenage spirit that she would always be welcome.

Samhain returns to visit Rex and Hannah

As she had indicated, Samhain returned to Earth, as Halloween of 2017 approached, to spend the holiday with Rex and Hannah. The two former Warlocks were planning another Halloween party, and they invited Samhain to attend the party.

The road trip

The three of them then embarked on a road trip to help Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts cross over.

Samhain was instrumental in helping one such ghost, a teenaged girl named Janet Sutton, who had been killed when a drunk driver hit her, on July 10th, 1975.

With the help of Samhain, who could relate to Janet, because, like Janet, she too had died very young, they manged to help Janet cross over to the Spirit World.

Samhain's quest

Inspired by this incident, Samhain informed Rex and Hannah that she would not be returning to the Spirit World. Rather, she was going to remain on Earth and help other Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts cross over. When Rex and Hannah told Samhain that this could take decades, she pointed out that she had all the time in the world to complete her quest. In the end, Rex and Hannah agreed.

Before leaving on her quest, Samhain attended Rex and Hannah's Halloween party.

Army of ghosts

As Halloween of 2018 approached, Samhain returned, bringing an army of ghosts along, whom she had met during her quest to find other Vanishing Hitchhiker ghosts. She gathered the ghosts at Rex and Hannah's house, so the two former Warlocks could cross them over. In the end, all the ghosts were crossed over to the Spirit World.

Feeling that she had earned a rest, Samhain herself crossed back over the Spirit World. However, she said that she might return the following Halloween.


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