Personal Data

Staci Clarke
BIRTH NAME: Staci Clarke

DOB: October 28th, 1990.

HAIR: Brown.

EYES: Brown.

OCCUPATION: Server at the Burger Bar, student at Miskatonic University.



KNOWN RELATIVES: Thomas and Elizabeth Clarke (parents), Sarah Clarke (older sister), William Clarke (grandfather), George (brother-in-law, his last name is currently unknown).

General information

Staci Clarke works as a server at the Burger Bar, a restaurant in Arkham, Massachusetts. She is also a student at Miskatonic University.

Staci befriends Rex and Hannah

Staci Clarke 2

Staci at work at the Burger Bar.

Staci became one of the first friends that Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster made since the two former Warlocks moved to Arkham in early 2015. Rex and Hannah always make sure to in Staci's section when they visit the Burger Bar.

Staci is also in one of Rex's classes at Miskatonic University (although which class remains unknown at this time).

Staci enjoyed reading Hannah's article about the odd goings on in Arkham which was published in the Arkham Gazette. Staci, having been born and raised in Arkham, had often heard of some of the strange events that Hannah mentioned in her article.

One such event involved one of Staci's immediate family.

Staci's grandfather

It was recently revealed that Staci's grandfather, William Clarke, had been abducted in 1921, when he was a boy, by a deranged Herbert West. West planned to sacrifice young William in order to help bring the Old Ones back to Earth.

However, West's friend and colleague, Dan Cain, intervened by shooting West dead. The Inner Circle then made sure that William was returned to his family.

William would go on to serve in both World War II and Korea, marry, and have seven children. The last child born, Thomas, would become Staci's father.

Staci attends Rex and Hannah's wedding

Halloween Wedding Cake

Rex and Hannah's Halloween cake that Staci made.

On Halloween of 2015, Rex and Hannah finally got married.

Staci attended the wedding along with Kalu, Randolph Carter, Richard Pickman, and, via Skype, Kira the Seer and Cole Turner.

Staci had provided the wedding dress that Hannah wore during the ceremony. It had belonged to Staci's older sister, Sarah.

Staci had also made the Halloween wedding cake for the occasion. Hannah had asked her to do so to kind of ease Rex into the idea of getting married. After the wedding service, the two former Warlocks and their guest then proceeded to eat the cake.

Staci becomes ill

Staci was one of the victims of the illness, caused by the Blasted Heath, that swept through Arkham in early 2016. She had been in the process of serving Hannah at the Burger Bar, when she collapsed.

It was during these events that Rex and Hannah met Staci's parents, Thomas and Elizabeth, and her older sister, Sarah, for the first time. The only one they did not meet was Sarah's husband, George, who'd been away in Boston at the time.

Rex and Hannah had to return to the dark planet, Yuggoth, to acquire the cure to the illness. In the end, the two former Warlocks were successful. Staci (and the other victims of the illness) quickly made a full recovery.

Hannah's revelations to Staci

In June of 2016, Hannah told Staci the story of her grandfather's abduction by Herbert West (although Hannah kept the Inner Circle's part of out of it). Staci was surprised, because she had never heard this story before. Hannah also told Staci that many of the strange legends surrounding Arkham were indeed true.

However, Hannah did not reveal the existence of the Inner Circle to Staci, as she didn't want Staci getting too involved in Arkham's dark secrets.

However, this caused Staci to become more curious about the two former Warlocks.

Staci asks to help

Finally, during a Halloween party on October 31st, 2016, Staci told Hannah that she wanted to help the two former Warlocks with whatever was going on.

Despite Hannah advising her that she didn't know what she was getting herself into, Staci was committed to assisting Rex and Hannah with whatever trials lay ahead. The two former Warlocks, with some reluctance, accepted Staci's offer of help.

Staci is kidnapped

In August of 2017, Staci was kidnapped by Matthew Tate, who hoped to use her to get Rex and Hannah to surrender to him. He had discovered that Staci and Hannah were friends, and decided to use Staci as leverage against the two former Warlocks. Matthew took Staci to a deserted island, on the Miskatonic River, a few miles outside of Arkham.

When Rex and Hannah reached the island, they confronted Matthew and managed to finally convinced him that he had been misled into his deeds by someone posing as the Source. Angry, Matthew headed off to confront this "Source", while Rex and Hannah freed Staci.

Staci wants to join the Inner Circle

At the end of this adventure, Staci confronted Rex and Hannah and demanded to know the truth. She said that, since he life had been put in danger, she could no longer overlook Rex and Hannah's odd habits.

The two former Warlocks ended up telling Staci about the Inner Circle. While Staci had heard rumours about the Circle, she had not known whether it actually existed, until now.

Staci then said she wanted to join the Inner Circle, so she could be of more help to Rex and Hannah. The two former Warlocks told Staci that they would arrange for her to be inducted into the Circle.

Staci became the second woman admitted to the group. Currently, she and Hannah are the only female members.

Halloween of 2017

As Halloween of 2017 approached, Staci told Hannah that she had been amazed at all the secrets that had been revealed to her, after her induction into the Inner Circle.

Staci attended the Halloween party that Rex and Hannah threw at their house on October 31st, 2017.

That Halloween party was also the 25th Birthday party for Randolph Carter, for which Staci had made the birthday cake.

Exham Priory

From that point on, Staci became a de facto assistant to Hannah, as both women sought to uncover secrets that would help in the coming battle with the Old Ones.

Staci accompanied Rex, Hannah, and Randolph to Exham Priory, in England to help find a missing professor from Miskatonic University, Nathan Howell. While there, they uncovered the dark legacy of the De la Pour family, who had once owned the priory.

As it tuned out, Howell, whom they had found alive, was himself a De la Pour and planned to use Staci and Hannah as breeding stock, to start a new branch of the family (he planned to kill Rex and Randolph). However, using her powers, Hannah quickly subdued him.

Staci then returned to the U.S. with the rest of the group. She intends to keep working with Hannah in her ongoing research.

Halloween of 2018

Staci was guest at Rex and Hannah's annual Halloween party, when Samhain and her army of ghosts were also present. Hannah then explained to Staci who Samhain was. Staci said that she was jealous that Hannah could see and talk to ghosts.

Later, Staci was present when Rex and Hannah crossed the ghosts over to the Spirit World, with Samhain herself crossing over a few moments later.


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