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The Golden Scroll is an artifact that was written by the Wizard race, just after their departure from the Underworld in the 8th Century. The Wizards, relocated to a new home, a Plateau in the jungles of South America. Early on, they were aided by Elemental beings, such as Herne the Hunter. The Wizards then gave the Golden Scroll to Herne and told him that, one day, the scroll would pass on to the Worthy One.

Rex Buckland is given the Golden Scroll

In 2009, Rex Buckland was plagued by mysterious dreams about Herne the Hunter. Thus, Rex, Hannah Webster, and Paige Matthews journeyed to Britain to find some answers. Once there, Rex encountered Herne and was given the Golden Scroll. Herne explained that Rex was the Worthy One (because he was a child of Britain and a former Warlock that has turned good) and once he translated the language, the knowledge would be his. Herne then vanished before Rex could question him further, so he was left to try and translate the Golden Scroll on his own.

It took some time for Rex to translate the Golden Scroll, When he finally did translate it, in early 2010, Rex realized that was written in a Wizard dialect.  Rex discovered that it mentioned the Plateau, which he and Hannah had visited, two years before. Determined to investigate, Rex and Hannah returned to the Plateau and was able to uncover the full story about what had happened to the Wizards. During that adventure, Rex learned that there was yet more knowledge to be gleaned from the Golden Scroll, however, he has not had time to pursue the matter as of yet.

As of this writing, the Golden Scroll remains in Rex's possession.


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