The Necronomicon is a powerful book of spells, closely connected with the beings called the Old Ones.

The original Necronomicon, on which all the others would be subsequently based on plus was brought to the planet Yuggoth by the Old Ones, when they colonized that planet, about 5000 years ago. The Necronomicon was placed in a temple in their city of R'lyeh. It was at this point that the Old Ones planned their invasion of Earth.

Before the Old Ones could launch their invasion of Earth, however, the White Lighter Elders and The Source Of All Evil united to fight the Old Ones in a long and bloody war. In the end, the Old Ones were defeated and sealed up in an empty dimension.

However, before they were banished from our universe, the Old Ones implanted their ideas into many human followers on Earth. Said followers wrote many copies of the Necronomicon, based on the original on Yuggoth.   The Necronomicon contained spells that could free the Old Ones if used correctly. However, the followers of the Old Ones were discovered and wiped out over the subsequent centuries, and copies of the Necronomicon were destroyed. By the 21st Century A.D., only a few copies were known to still exist.

Remaining copies of the Necronomicon

One copy is among the rare books and scrolls in the possession of the former Warlock known as Rex Buckland. Just how and when he acquired this copy remains unknown at this time. Rex firmly believes that all knowledge, good or evil, should be preserved, including the knowledge contained in the Necronomicon. In the course of many adventures that Rex and his wife, Hannah Webster, have had, the copy of the Necronomicon has come in handy on numerous occasions.

Another copy is in the possession of Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Massachusetts. This copy once belonged to Dr. Herbert West, a graduate of Miskatonic University's Medical School in the early 20th Century. West allegedly used this copy in his experiments to bring the dead back to life, and continued to do so until his mysterious disappearance in 1921. Eventually, Miskatonic University acquired that copy of the Necronomicon and kept in a glass container in the university library.

In 2009, this copy was stolen by a misguided student named Mike Johns, who hoped to use it to release the Old Ones from the empty dimension. Rex and Hannah managed to stop him, but Mike wound up trapped in the same empty dimension as the Old Ones. Rex and Hannah then returned the copy of the Necronomicon to Miskatonic University, where Rex used a magic spell to seal it in its glass container.

Yet another copy was discovered by Rex and Hannah, during an adventure they had on a mystical Plateau in South America, in 2008. However, that copy was destroyed during that adventure.

Whether any other copies of the Necronomicon still exist on Earth remains unknown at this time.

Rex and Hannah discover the original Necronomicon

In 2011, Rex and Hannah travelled to Yuggoth in order to stop a group of Lower Level Demons who had gone there to use whatever secrets the Old Ones left behind to restore the Underworld. While there, Rex and Hannah discovered the original Necronomicon, still in the temple in the city of R'lyeh. The Demons then surprised Rex and Hannah. Then then tried to force Rex to translate the Necronomicon, so that they could free the Old Ones, in order to offer then an alliance to rebuild the Underworld. Rex refused, knowing the chaos the Old Ones would impose on the universe if released. He tried to tell the Demons that, but they refused to listen. At that point, the guardian beings, the Old Ones left behind to guard Yuggoth, attacked, and consumed the Demons. Sensing that Rex and Hannah were not there to plunder Yuggoth, but rather to stop the Demons from doing so, the beings decided to let Rex and Hannah safely return to Earth.

As of this writing, the original Necronomicon remains on Yuggoth.


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