Cthulhu, one of the most powerful of the Old Ones.

Many thousands of years ago, a malevolent race of beings known as the Old Ones invaded our universe. No one knew from whence they came, but wherever the Old Ones went, chaos and destruction always followed.

Whole worlds were laid to waste, countless lives destroyed as these beings rampaged through the universe.

One such planet attacked by the Old Ones was Progone, the home planet of Miduzza.

Colonization of Yuggoth and attempted invasion of Earth

About 5000 years ago, the Old Ones colonized a planet called Yuggoth, which is located at the very edge of our Solar System. The Old Ones build many cities on Yuggoth, including their main city, called R'lyeh. In a temple in R'lyeh, the Old Ones kept the original Necronomicon, which they had brought to Yuggoth with them.

Yuggoth was, in fact, the staging area in which the Old Ones had planned to invade the planet Earth. Prior to the planned invasion, he Old Ones dispatched the Mi-go, a subspecies they had created, to Earth to gather intelligence on humanity. The Mi-go set up outposts in remote areas such as Antarctica, Greenland, the hills of Vermont, the Himalayas, the Australian Outback and many other such areas, where they wrote logs on Black Stones.

Before the Old Ones could launch their invasion of Earth, however, the White Lighter Elders and The Source Of All Evil united to fight the Old Ones in a long and bloody war.

During the war, the Old Ones sent of there own, Hastur, to Earth. Setting up a base on a remote South Pacific island, Hastur began to develop weapons for the Old Ones (including the forces that later became to be known as the Hollow and the Nothing).

In the end, however, it was too late to turn the tide of the war. the Old Ones were defeated by the forces of Good And Evil, and sealed up in an empty dimension.

However, before they were banished from our universe, the Old Ones implanted their ideas into many human followers on Earth. Said followers wrote many copies of the Necronomicon, based on the original, still on Yuggoth.   The Necronomicon contained spells that could free the Old Ones if used correctly. However, the followers of the Old Ones were discovered and wiped out over the subsequent centuries, and copies of the Necronomicon were destroyed. By the 21st Century A.D., only a few copies were known to still exist.

Another book, written at this time was the Oban Compendium, a book, written by Sumerian mystics, who were under the influence of the Old Ones. Apparently, this book was a blue print for the human servants of the Old Ones, once their invasion of Earth was complete. The plans called for the Compendium to help the servants, and the rest of humanity, acclimate to whatever world the Old Ones would have built, had their invasion of Earth been successful. Among the information contained in the Oban Compendium was the location of the Mi-go outposts around the world. Like the Necronomicon, copies of the Oban Compendium were destroyed throughout the subsequent centuries.

Rex and Hannah's first brush with the Old Ones

In 2009, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster traveled to Miskatonic University, in Arkham, Massachusetts, to examine the only other copy of the Necronomicon still known to exist (aside from the copy that Rex currently possessed). While they were there, said copy was stolen by a misguided student named Mike Johns. Mike was planning to use it to release the Old Ones from the empty dimension they had been sealed in since their battle with the forces of Good and Evil, thousands of years before.

Rex and Hannah stopped him in time, but Mike wound up trapped in the same empty dimension as the Old Ones. Rex and Hannah returned the copy of the Necronomicon to Miskatonic University, where Rex used a magic spell to seal it in its glass container.

Second brush


The dark planet: Yuggoth.

In the year, 2011, Rex and Hannah travelled to Yuggoth in order to stop a group of Lower Level Demons who had gone there to use whatever secrets the Old Ones left behind to restore the Underworld. The Demons then tried to force Rex to translate the Necronomicon, so that they could free the Old Ones, in order to offer then an alliance to rebuild the Underworld. Rex refused, knowing the chaos the Old Ones would impose on the universe if released. He tried to tell the Demons that, but they refused to listen. At that point, the guardian beings the Old Ones left behind to guard Yuggoth attacked, and consumed the Demons. Sensing that Rex and Hannah were not there to plunder Yuggoth, but rather to stop the Demons from doing so, the beings decided to let them safely return to Earth.

Plans to free the Old Ones

Following their move to Arkham, in early 2015, Rex and Hannah began unearthing information that people had been trying to free the Old Ones for a long time now. Such incidents included what came to be called The Dunwich Horror and the activities of The Esoteric Order Of Dagon. The deranged Herbert West was also among those that wished to free the Old Ones.

Rex and Hannah themselves had an encounter with such a group, the degenerate Martense family who possessed a copy of De Vermis Mysteriis, which they claimed would help them prepare the way for the return of the Old Ones. Rex and Hannah were soon forced to destroy most of the Martense family (and their copy of De Vermis Mysteriis). However, Rex was troubled about the revelation about preparing for the return of the Old Ones and warned Hannah that the two of them would have to on their guard for any further signs.

Rex and Hannah also slowly pieced together information about the Inner Circle, led by Randolph Carter, and the Circle's past thwarted of attempts to free the Old Ones. This caused Randolph to finally tell Rex and Hannah the full story about the Inner Circle, and the two former Warlocks end up joining it.

As for the Old Ones, for now they remain imprisoned in the empty dimension.

Names of the Old Ones

A few of the names of the Old Ones are known. They are:







Progone invasion

Sometime prior to their attempted invasion of Earth, the Old Ones invaded the planet Progone.

The natives of Progone were forced to flee their planet, scattering across the galaxy. One of the natives, Miduzza, eventually crash landed on the planet Earth, becoming the basis for the myth of Medusa.

Miduzza herself related this information to Rex and Hannah, when they encountered her in 2016.

Exactly when this invasion or Progone took place is unknown.


The Old One known as Hastur has his own page, here.


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