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Warlock Insurgancy
The Warlock Insurgency, which lasted from 2001 to 2006, was one of the key events that forever changed the course of the history of the Underworld.

Even now, more than a decade after said Insurgency ended, there is much that is still not known about it.

Yet some facts have since been revealed.


In 1999, after they had failed to procure the powers of the Charmed Ones, the Source sentenced the Warlocks, Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster, to ten thousand years in his dungeon. The Source felt that making an example out of Rex and Hannah would show other Warlocks that failure would be met with harsh punishment.

For the next year, Rex and Hannah endured harsh abuse and torture. This finally opened their eyes to something both had perhaps suspected all along. Warlocks were the lowest rung on the Underworld totem pole. Rex and Hannah had been loyal to the Source, had carried out his orders, and now were faced with eons of punishment as a result. Both vowed that, from that point on, they would never serve the Source, or any other Demon again.

In 2000, Rex and Hannah noticed that the guards on their cells seemed less alert. This was the chance they had been waiting for. When a Demon guard came into the cell with their food, Rex and Hannah jumped him and escaped. Once free, the saw many other Warlocks also locked up in cells like they were. Rex and Hannah wasted no time in liberating their fellow Warlocks. Both of them now knew that, no matter what happened, the die had been cast.

The Insurgency is born

Over the next year, Rex, Hannah, and the other Warlocks they had freed, continued to liberate Warlocks from dungeons all over the Underworld. Finally, in 2001, Rex made the following speech to his audience of liberated Warlocks:

My fellow Warlocks, for centuries, our people have been under the oppression of the Source and his Demons! For centuries we have fought and died for them, and what have they ever given us in return? Nothing! They look down on us, they spit on us, they consider us the lowest of the low! They never reward us, but they are always quick to punish us! Well, I say no more! The time has come for us to fight back! However, we cannot do it by direct force, the Demons still outnumber us, but we can fight by stealth! The Source is not invulnerable, he has suffered setbacks, such as the defection of Belthazor! He is distracted, and thus we'll use that to our advantage! We'll strike from the shadows! We'll pick away at his forces! We'll drain his Demon manpower! It will take time, my friends, but we CAN succeed! We WILL succeed! We MUST SUCCEED! SO IT BEGINS! AS OF THIS MOMENT, WE ARE NO LONGER FUGITIVES ON THE RUN! WE ARE A FORCE! WE ARE THE INSURGENTS!

And thus The Insurgents began their campaign in earnest. It would not be an easy time, for many a brave Warlock would fall in battle in the years ahead.

Good news

In 2002, The Insurgents got some good news when the Charmed Ones finally wiped out the Source and the Demon Council. Although many powerful Demons still remained, The Insurgents took this as a good sign.

The Avatars make a pitch

In 2004, Rex was approached by the Avatar called Alpha. Alpha told Rex that the Avatars had been watching him for some time now and wanted him to join them. In return, the Avatars would help Rex and Hannah finally defeat the remaining Demons. However, when Rex heard of what the Avatars had in mind, their so called Utopia, he turned Alpha down. Rex believed that, had he gone along, he would just be helping to imposing another dictatorship on his people. Alpha then departed, vowing to find others who would be willing to listen (and he would with Leo Wyatt, not long after).

From insurgency to revolution

In 2006, the Charmed Ones vanquished the Triad, the sole remaining Upper Level Demons. With only Lower Level Demons remaining, the Warlocks moved from insurgency to revolution. The Warlock Revolution was short, but bloody. However, in the end, the Lower Level Demons were defeated. After years of struggle, the Warlocks were finally free from Demon rule.

However, in the final days of the Warlock Revolution, Rex confronted a Lower Level Demon named Kalton. In the struggle that followed, Rex wounded Kalton, resulting in the disfigurement of the left side of Kalton's face. Yet, Rex, feeling that there had been enough death and suffering, spared Kalon's life. Despite Rex leaving him alive, Kalton vowed that he would one day get revenge for the damage to his face.


Following the Warlock Revolution, many Warlocks set out to find their own way on many planes of existence. Rex and Hannah travelled the world for a while, before relocating back to San Francisco, where they would eventually reconcile their differences with the Charmed Ones.

Long term affects

In 2009, Kalton, the Lower Level Demon, whom Rex had battled in the final days of the Warlock Revolution, returned, finally deciding to seek revenge against Rex for disfiguring his face. With the help of a female Demon named Zova, Kalton kidnapped Hannah and took her to the Underworld. Rex followed them and soon confronted Kalton. After a brief struggle, Rex defeated Kalton, but again spared his life.

At the same time, Zova had been interrogating Hannah, but kept asking her about love. Hannah soon realized that Zova loved Kalton. Soon, after having freed herself, Hannah captured Zova and escorted her to where Rex and Kalton had their struggle (they arrived just after the end of said struggle). Together, Rex and Hannah convinced Kalton and Zova that love is indeed a good emotion and encouraged the two Demons to pursue it. Realizing that Rex and Hannah are right, Kalton and Zova departed. Rex speculated that Kalton and Zova might someday start a new Insurgency in the Underworld against the old system, thus forcing some major changes in how the Underworld is run.

And it seems they are destined to succeed. By the 34th Century, the Underworld will have made peace with the side of good. Warlocks, Demons, Witches, White Lighters, and all magical beings live peacefully side by side.

So it seems that the Underworld is one day destined to change for the better, and the Warlock Insurgency, led by Rex and Hannah, made it all possible.


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